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Richmond Homeowners' Complete Guide To Total Termite Control

May 15, 2022 - Termites

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Richmond is a mid-sized town with a big city vibe mixed with Southern charm. Art lovers can find over 100 buildings scattered all over Richmond with charming artworks painted on them that are sure to delight. While the outside of a building may not attract local termites, the wood inside might, and the "artwork" termites create within your woodwork will undoubtedly require the help of a Richmond pest control professional.

The Life Cycle Of Common Termites

Homeowners in Richmond typically deal with either eastern subterranean termites or Formosan termites (a subterranean species); both are incredibly destructive. Active termites have a social order that exists in three castes. Each caste has a job, and they do it well.

The three castes and their responsibilities include:

  1. Reproductives: The winged termites (alates) search for a nesting site via the airways. Nests have a king and queen, and their job is to reproduce. A queen can lay upwards of 1,000 eggs every day.

  2. Workers: By far the largest group in the caste system, workers have the most responsibility. They are the nest caretakers; their primary concern is finding food. They use their small jaws to shear wood and move materials every day. If a nest is damaged, it is their job to fix it.

  3. Soldiers: Guarding the nest is the soldiers' job. Their large sharp jaws and armored rectangular heads help them defend the colony. They protect their territory from outside enemies.

Termites have a well-coordinated attack plan when they begin making a home for themselves. Since their excavating can seriously damage your home over time, it is vitally important to call in the experts at Mitchells Pest Control for termite control.

Why Termites Infest And Destroy Wood Structures

When termites look for a new home, they seek two things: water and cellulose. If termites don't get enough moisture, their bodies will dry out; therefore, they will nest in soil or wet wood. Their food requirements are products with cellulose which their bodies break down for food. While they prefer to feed on dead wood or moisture-rich wood, they also eat fiberboard, plant fibers, and paper products. If moisture from the ground is unavailable, termites can build mud tubes to reach their food and water sources.

Five Naturally Effective Termite Prevention Tips

When termites seek out food and moisture, they will go to great lengths to get it. In light of the harm they can bring to your property, homeowners would be wise to set up some naturally effective barriers around their property.

Five natural prevention tips include the following suggestions:

  1. Seal-up any gaps and cracks around your foundation with silicone-based caulking

  2. Keep any wood products away from your home and off the ground

  3. Keep water from accumulating around your foundation and fix any leaking/clogged fixtures inside and out

  4. Use de-humidifiers in high-moisture areas such as crawl spaces and basements

  5. Remove any wood debris from your yard

Even after you've taken the time to termite-proof your home, they may still find a way to breach your defenses. When this happens, it's best to reach out to pest professionals like Mitchells Pest Control to get rid of house termites.

The Best Termite Control Method For Richmond Homes

At Mitchells Pest Control, our veteran-owned and operated company is committed to providing our clients with services that include integrity, courtesy, superior customer service, and quality work. We tailor our service plans to meet our client's individual needs at an affordable price. If you see signs of termites advancing towards your home, call us immediately for termite treatments that are safe for you, your family, and your pets.

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