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How To Keep Problematic Squirrels Away From Your Richmond Home

February 15, 2023 - Squirrels

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Squirrels are energetic creatures commonly found in Richmond. Unlike most other pests, these small and spunky rodents don't usually want to come inside your home. Instead, they will scurry around your yard and destroy plants, landscaping, and other property. At Mitchells Pets Control, we offer advanced , and we can handle all of your squirrel and other rodent problems. 

Characteristics Of Common Tree Squirrels

Thanks to their big, bushy tails, the squirrel is one of this area's most easily recognizable rodents. While all squirrels have the same general look, each species of squirrel has its own unique characteristics that help them stand out from the crowd.

Here is a look at some different squirrels that you are most likely to see in your Richmond yard:

  • Fox squirrel: With their bodies measuring between 10 and 15-inches long, fox squirrels are the largest tree squirrels in Richmond. They have a combination of brown and rust-colored fur. They are skilled climbers; however, you will usually find the fox squirrel close to the ground.

  • American red squirrel: This squirrel is about half the size of the fox squirrel and has brownish-red fur that covers its body and tail. The American red squirrel is commonly found in residential areas looking for berries, bird seed, bird eggs, and acorns. 

  • Southern flying squirrel: The southern flying squirrel is one of the most unique-looking squirrels on this list. It has a small body that is only about five inches long, and its tail is about three to four inches long. They also have large eyes and small ears. But their most unique trait is the large flap of skin that stretches from their ankles to its wrist. When this squirrel stretches out its arms and legs, it can gracefully glide through the air. 

  • Eastern gray squirrel: This is the most common type of squirrel in Richmond. The Eastern gray squirrel typically has a combination of gray and light-brown fur on its black and cream-colored fur on its abdomen and chest. This squirrel can be found all year long and is commonly digging through the snow in search of fallen nuts on the ground. 

All the squirrels on this list will usually stay away from a yard with a lot of activity. However, once everyone leaves, the squirrels will come to your yard in search of food.

Why Having Squirrels Around Your Home Is Problematic

Squirrels can cause a lot of damage to your yard. They are known to dig up the plants in your yard and will eat the fruits and berries you have growing around your home. They will also chew on the electrical wires and cables found on the exterior of your house, which could cause costly repairs. 

Naturally Effective Tips To Prevent Squirrels Around Your Yard

If you are looking for natural ways to deter squirrels from coming into your yard, try these tips:

  • Move bird feeders away from tree branches and other jump-off points.

  • Don't put sunflower seeds in your bird feeders, as those are their favorite seeds.

  • Cover your plants and vegetables with a protective mesh netting or plastic cover to remove one food source.

Squirrels also scare easily. If you want to keep them from coming into your yard, you may want to consider getting a motion-activated sprinkler system. 

The Best Way To Keep Squirrels And Other Wildlife Away

If you are having a difficult time keeping the local squirrels out of your yard, give us a call today. At Mitchells pest control, we are a locally-owned company with extensive experience in dealing with all of the common rodents found in Richmond.

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