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How Can I Keep Pest Birds At Bay In Richmond?

March 15, 2023 - Pest Birds

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Pest birds are often loud and carry different diseases and parasites. Safely solving bird-related problems is commonly more challenging and requires a more comprehensive strategy; therefore, speaking with a licensed pest control professional is usually the best means of responding to these concerns. 

Are you a local homeowner looking for an experienced provider of animal control for birds in Richmond? Trained pest control professionals understand the behavior of most types of nuisance birds and the best strategies for solving existing bird intrusions. An established Richmond pest control company that regularly performs residential bird control services is best suited for ensuring safe, efficient, and effective outcomes.

Which Birds Are Considered Pests?

While some property owners will install birdfeeders and birdbaths that attract many species of birds, people primarily see certain types as a nuisance, such as: 

  • Geese: Canadian geese are increasingly a source of aggravation for residential and commercial property owners in this region. Geese leave trails of feces, often trample forms of vegetation, and will behave aggressively in certain situations. The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) explains that residents should always check local laws regarding the removal of geese from their properties as rules change, such as the “depredation orders” that contain guidelines for airports, agricultural operations, and other sites struggling with geese. 

  • Pigeons: Feral pigeons generate highly acidic waste that will corrode surfaces and objects. Pigeon feces is associated with cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, and other potential health risks. Research shows that tiny particles from pigeon feces may become airborne and spread disease. 

  • Sparrows: House sparrows often carry parasites and spread corrosive excrement. Sparrows form nests that often clog gutter systems and might create fire risks. 

  • Starlings: European starlings often congregate in massive flocks. They generate feces that may erode surfaces composed of metal and stone. 

Property owners struggling with types of nuisance birds should consider seeking professional bird pest control in Richmond, as a licensed pest control company maintains familiarity with the various types of birds found in the area. 

Why Have Birds Flocked To My Property?

Many types of birds seek voids, crevices, and other sheltered sites for building nests, such as in areas of roofs, gutter systems, awnings, or vents. Property owners should proactively fill or otherwise seal these areas. Areas that allow birds access to trash containing food scraps also draw them. 

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Birds On My Property?

Do you need bird control solutions for your Richmond property? Rather than trying store-bought, do-it-yourself bird control products, consider consulting with a licensed pest control company for assistance. Too many retailers promote gimmicky bird control methods using noise or light-emitting gizmos or potentially harsh chemical-based options that are typically ineffective and simply result in weeks of further frustration. The professionals know how to control birds in your yard area safely. 

How Can I Avoid Future Bird Issues?

Did you know that Mitchells Pest Control is a leading provider of professional pest control services for customers in residential, commercial, and governmental environments? As a veteran-owned, local company, we maintain a firm commitment to providing excellent customer services and operating in an eco-friendly way. Our service offerings extend beyond the basic or general pest control services, such as those geared for ants, cockroaches, or spiders—particularly in the realm of wildlife control. 

Our team members receive training that meets the standards of the Basic Wildlife Control Operators (B.W.C.O.) and other industry-leading educators and advocates. Further, we are members of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (N.W.C.O.A.), an organization that provides training and certification for professionals that assist customers with birds, bats, squirrels, and other forms of wildlife. 

We also provide important post-treatment services such as encapsulating crawl spaces, mold or fungal remediation, and advanced moisture control methods. Contact us today regarding an inspection.

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