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How To Get Rid Of The Mice In Your Richmond Home For Good

December 10, 2021 - Mice

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Once a mouse problem, always a mouse problem – without the right solutions, that is.

Mouse infestations can be challenging to manage, especially when dealing with cyclical or reoccurring issues that spring up every few months. However, the right combination of prevention steps and professional mitigation could help to eliminate mouse nests for good. If you’re currently struggling with rodents of any kind, this blog post is for you.

Sure Signs Of A Mouse Problem In Your Home 

Mouse problems in the home usually begin without any serious symptoms. As their numbers continue to grow, rodents become more and more evident throughout the house, leaving behind a trail of clues for homeowners. Some of the most common signs of a mouse infestation in Richmond include: 

  • Pointy droppings less than ½ an inch long 

  • Oily grease marks along baseboards and walls 

  • Squeaking sounds coming from attics, walls, or basements 

  • The presence of a strong odor with no identifiable origination point

A professional inspection is the best way to confirm a potential mouse infestation in the home. Mitchells Pest Control is prepared to provide a free mouse control estimate to your home or business with any appointment. 

Why It Is So Dangerous To Have Mice In Your House 

Contrary to popular belief, mice are some of the most dangerous pests to infest your Richmond home or business. These 4-inch rodents have a bite that’s far worse than their bark, causing physical damage to people and pets when threatened. Close interactions with rodents may lead to serious diseases, including the dreaded hantavirus. 

Apart from their physical damages, mice are also capable of injuring your property. Their natural urge to chew may lead them to sever electrical wires and destroy wall insulation, which quickly becomes a fire hazard. The holes they chew into walls, ceilings, and structural supports are highly unsightly and significantly hazardous over time.

If you suspect that mice are anywhere near your Richmond property, it’s high time to start seeking lasting solutions.

Why Mice Can Be Impossible To Get Rid Of On Your Own

If you’ve been struggling to remove rodents from your Virginia home or business, you’re not alone. Some estimates suggest that mouse removal can take up to three months using do-it-yourself (DIY) methods alone, while many over-the-counter (OTC) solutions may not work at all. Because rodents reproduce so quickly and mice are adept at identifying potential baits and traps, your home remedies are not likely to eliminate the entire infestation.

If you’re feeling discouraged about the challenges you face in eliminating mouse infestations, look no further than the reputable team behind Mitchells Pest Control.

The Safe And Effective Way To Completely Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home

Mitchells Pest Control is proud to provide Richmond homeowners with mouse control that is safe, affordable, and effective for infestations of any kind. We use a combination of industry knowledge and professional-grade tools to eliminate lingering mice and their families. We do whatever we can to restore your home to its former state; guaranteed!

Call Mitchell Pest Control for your free mouse control estimate today. Our operatives are standing by to take your call as soon as possible.

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