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Everything Chester Residents Need To Know About Bats

October 29, 2023 - Bats

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Bats have long been depicted in popular forms of entertainment as creepy such as in the majority of films related to vampires. Some individuals struggle with a condition called Chiroptophobia, which is a fear of bats.

Bats constitute approximately 20% of all species of mammals and are the lone type capable of sustaining flight. Bear in mind that flying squirrels are merely capable of gliding—not truly flying. The wing of a bat is often compared to a human hand, with long “finger-like” bones that are connected by a stretched membrane.  Although they appear a bit large when flying, bats are small enough to navigate through tiny openings of less than ½ of an inch.

Bats are usually capable of surviving in all climates except for extremely hot deserts or frozen, polar environments. In nature, the primary creatures that prey on bats are hawks, owls, and snakes.

Are you noticing bat activity around your home? Promptly contact a local pest control expert for assistance. A trained professional is best suited for handling bat removal through effective pest control services in Chester, Virginia.

Bats: Great For The Ecosystem, Harmful Inside Chester Homes

Do the different species of bats found in this region provide any benefits to the overall environment? Despite their negative reputation, bats play an important overall role in the ecosystem and certain sectors of the economy.

Data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services reveals that bats are helpful with pest control, plant pollination, and seed dispersal. Their economic assessment estimates that bats help the agricultural industry save many millions of dollars annually by preventing damage to crops and limiting the need for pesticides. Among the largest financial beneficiaries of bat activity is the industry that produces corn.

While most types of bats primarily consume insects, some also eat nectar, which helps pollinate products including bananas, peaches, and agave. Bats also disperse seeds that are necessary for growing many types of fruits.

Bats are widely recognized as carriers of rabies and rabid bats have been documented in 49 U.S. states. Both humans and their pets should avoid having direct exposure to bats. Rabies transmission is most commonly the result of a scratch or bite. Those who have close contact with bats are encouraged to speak with a medical professional regarding rabies postexposure prophylaxis (PEP), which generally involves a vaccination.

These creatures pose further health risks indoors. As bat droppings in attics, crawlspaces, or other areas of the home accumulate, airborne particles might cause respiratory problems.

How Bats Get Inside Chester Homes And What Attracts Them

As with most creatures, bats are drawn to locations that allow for shelter and access to food and water. Properties with lots of insects are likely to attract bats.

How do bats get in houses in the Chester region? Bats will enter homes through openings associated with damaged shingles, eaves, or facia boards. Other points of entry include external vents or chimneys. Bats prefer dark locations such as attics.

Why DIY Treatments Are Never Recommended For Bats

Too many local property owners try do-it-yourself bat control methods that are often ineffective, inhumane, and may pose health risks. Like most wild creatures, bats are volatile and will likely defend themselves when they feel threatened. Many types of bats have sharp teeth capable of penetrating the skin.

According to the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, laws prohibit homeowners from transporting or relocating bats to other properties. Laws also prohibit poisoning animals except for mice and rats. Further, three types of bat species are currently classified as endangered species. These endangered bats include gray bats, Indiana bats, and Virginia big-eared bats. 

For dealing with active bat problems, property owners should promptly contact a bat control company in Chester.  The pros understand how to get rid of bats in yard areas and how to prevent them from entering your home.

Call Mitchells Pest Control For Expert Bat Removal Services

What is the best way of handling problems involving bats? The best way of responding to these situations is to promptly consult with a local pest management company that is familiar with these creatures and understands the best ways of removing them.

Mitchells Pest Control provides professional bat removal services in the Chester area. We have expertise in wildlife removal that might involve trapping, relocation, and much more.

We are experienced with delivering results for homeowners struggling with cockroaches, crickets, nuisance birds, rodents, and many other troublesome types of pests. We also are a leading provider of wildlife control services in the Chester region and have received training as Basic Wildlife Control Operators (BWCO).  

For comprehensive residential and commercial pest control services in Chester, contact our team today.

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